Bulk Materials


At Greenway Landscape Nursery, we carry two types of topsoil - pulverized and unpulverized (rough).

Pulverized Topsoil: Pulverized topsoil is generally easier to work with because it is shredded down to a uniform size and can be incorporated throughout the lawn design in a number of ways.

Unpulverized Topsoil: Unpulverized topsoil is often used as filler for large deep areas in the landscape such as sunken parts in the foundation or to prepare large spaces for seed or sod. Once in place, the unpulverized topsoil is graded with a tractor.

We currently deliver topsoil to New Lenox, Lockport, Homer Glen, Mokena, Orland Park and Frankfort.

Tip: Are you dealing with clay soils? By incorporating torpedo sand into the clay, this makes it more friable and a better growing medium.


We have 2 types of sand - Pool/Play sand and Torpedo sand.

Pool/Play Sand: This type of sand is used for sandboxes or under pool liners. This sand is ideal for high traffic area as the consistency is very fine thus decreasing the chances of tears or protruding sand bits.

Torpedo Sand: Torpedo sand is coarse and ideal for the bedding of pavers. It may also be used to make clay soils more friable.

Tip: If your soil needs enrichment you may use mushroom compost for seasoned areas or our “planting mix” for new planting areas for plants or vegetables. Our “planting mix” is a mixture of mushroom compost, topsoil, and torpedo sand. The mushroom compost provides nutritional value, the topsoil augments the existing soil and the torpedo sand helps keep the soil friable.


Our Grade 8 limestone can be refined up to 3/4” pieces. The advantages are that it creates a base for pavers and retaining walls, compacts well, and provides a solid base. Screenings refines to +/- 1/4” which provides excellent compaction for a solid base.

We offer 3/4” limestone that may be:

  • Added to driveways
  • Filler for hollow core retaining wall stone
  • Installed behind retaining walls to aid in drainage

It is also good for paver and retaining wall base.  It provides excellent compaction making it ideal for paver and retaining wall base.


Our River Rock is available in large (1-11/2") and medium (3/4-1"). This is a reasonably priced stone that offers cosmetic appeal without the hefty price.  People that are interested in adding little curb appeal without a huge investment often opt for this particular stone.

Our Pea Gravel is approximately 3/8" to 1/2". This may be used around drain tile as backfill. It manages the drainage flow and keeps the area free of debris. Pea gravel is often used for a purpose rather than a cosmetic enhancement.

Some of the most popular decorative stones we carry are:

  • American Heritage - Available in large (11/2") and medium (1"). It has a variety of colors that range from beige, gray, red, granite and charcoal which offers clients more options than other stones. This stone is particularly heavy proving to be the best option for designs that are intended to remain long-term.
  • Burnt Coral – The color of this stone is burnt orange. Specifically this stone is utilized as an accent stone around the border of plant beds or incorporated in rock beds to add a splash of color.
  • Grey Slate – This grey stone is particularly useful for a subtle accent around planting areas and to modernize any landscape color scheme.
  • Pink Tiffany – This stone is available in large (1-11/2") and medium (1”) sizes. The vibrant color that is Pink Tiffany is used primarily in planting areas or coupled with volcanic stone to create the perfect border.
  • Meramec – This is a heavy stone that is offered in large (1-11/2”) and medium (1”) sizes. This unique color pattern couples brown stone with white accent proving to be the ultimate combination for clients that are seeking out this particular color pattern.
  • White Marble – This stone offers a classic look of bright stone can be incorporated in the field or planting areas. This timeless look broadens the uses for the particular stone.
  • Volcanic Stone – Red and black in color, this stone is a great choice for any landscape look.  With coverage per ton at approximately 300-325 sq. ft., this particular stone is a go-to choice for those that want the most coverage at a great price.
  • Burgundy – This is a breathtaking color combination stone with a mixture of red and black. Together, these two shades create a deep burgundy color that accentuates the look of any lawn design.

Please note that we are able to deliver the popular stones listed here. We have other decorative stone that is available for delivery.


Topsoil, Pulverized 120-150 ft²

Mulch (Natural Wood Products)

  • Scott's Dark Brown Dyed Hardwood Mulch - 150 ft²
  • Double Processed Hardwood - 150 ft²
  • Triple Processed Hardwood - 150 ft²
  • Play Mat (swing sets & playgrounds) ASTM certified - 150 ft²
  • Cypress - 130-150 ft²
  • Red Cedar - 150 ft²

Mulch (Recycled Dyed)

  • Bright Red & Chocolate - 130 ft²


  • Mushroom Compost - 130-150 ft²
  • Planting Mix (1/3 topsoil, 1/3 mushroom compost, 1/3 torpedo sand) - 120-150 ft²


  • Pool/Play Sand (for sand boxes and under pools) - 100-115 ft²
  • Torpedo Sand (used for pavers & to flagstone) - 100-115 ft²


  • 3/4" Limestone - retaining wall in-fill - 100-120 ft²
  • Grade 8 - driveways & paver base - 100-120 ft²
  • Screenings - paver base - 100-120 ft²


  • Pea Gravel (for drainage pipe backfill) - 100-125 ft²
  • River Rock, Large & Small - 100-120 ft²

Decorative Stone

  • American Heritage, Large & Small
  • Burnt Coral
  • Grey Slate
  • Meramec, Large & Small
  • Pink Tiff, Large & Small
  • White Marble, Large
  • Volcanic, Red, Black & Burgundy
  • Numerous others available

*Please Note: Pictures may not represent true color and size. We recommend examining the material in person before ordering.