Landscape Consultations

My name is Andy Bjornberg. I am a licensed landscape architect in the State of Illinois.

My landscape nursery is located in New Lenox, IL, which I own with my wife JoAnn. We have been at our present location for 25 years. I have over thirty years of experience in plant identification, site review, plant recommendations, plan review (before and after installation).

I have experience presenting plans before municipal review boards (ie: plan commission and village boards). My experience also includes reviewing plans for their adherence to municipal landscape ordinances.

  1. Site review: check for adequate soil, soil chemistry, suggest amendments, proper grading and water drainage
  2. Plant identification: if you don't know what kind of plants you have we can identify them for you.
  3. Plant recommendations: if you have a difficult area on your property(ie: dry or wet) we can suggest plant material.
  4. Plan review: we can check your plan for scale, quantities, approved horticultural standards, proper care for new landscape plantings (ie: watering, fertilization and pruning)
  5. Municipal review: check plans for adherence to municipal landscape ordinances.

I am available by appointment for consultations, either on-site or at our office in New Lenox, Illinois.