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Come down to Greenway Landscape Nursery and get a deal on some of our beautiful shade trees right now. Choose from any one of our Autumn Blaze Maples, Sugar Maples, Greenspire Lindens, or Pin Oaks. We have a great variety of ornamental trees as well including: Prairiefire Crabs and Eastern Redbuds (clump variety). Also, let's not forget the large selection of Evergreens & Techny Arborvitae!

Greenway Landscape Nursery is always coming up with ways to save our customers money so be sure to check back for the latest deals. Take a look at some of our current specials below.



Excellent Urban Trees

Hackberry, Catalpa, Pioneer Elm, Accolade Elm and Triumph Elm

  • Size 2 1/2"
  • Single tree pricing is $145 ea.
  • Quantity discount on 5 or more on these varities
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Autumn Blaze Maples 2 1/2-3" 
Sugar Maples 3" 
Greenspire Linden 3" 
Pin Oaks 3" 
Ornamental Trees
Prairiefire Crabs 2-3" 
Eastern Redbud clumps 6-8' 
Japanese Lilac shrubs 6-8' 
Techny Arborvitae 8-9'  
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